DRMAA Job Categories

DRMAA facilitates writing DRM-enabled applications even though the deployment properties, in particular the configuration of the DRMS, cannot be known in advance. This is realized by a set of standardized attributes that can be specified for job submission or advance reservation.

One of these attributes is the job category, which allows to give an indication about the nature of the job at execution time. Examples are parallel MPI jobs, OpenMP jobs, jobs targeting specific accelerator hardware, or jobs demanding managed runtime environments (e.g. Java).

Job categories typically map to site-specific reservation or submission options. Each category expresses a particular type of job execution that demands site-specific configuration such as path settings, environment variables, or application starters. This mapping to site-specific conditions SHOULD take place at submission time of the job or advance reservation.

The following list is the current set of non-normative recommendations for DRMAA job category names (last update: September 19th 2011):

DRMAA Job Category NameDescription
"MPI"Any MPI environment
"GridMPI"A GridMPI environment
"LAM-MPI"A LAM/MPI environment
"MPICH1"A MPICH version 1 environment
"MPICH2"A MPICH version 2 environment
"OpenMPI"A OpenMPI environment
"PVM"A PVM environment
"OpenMP"A OpenMP environment
"OpenCL"A OpenCL environment
"Java"A Java environment