The DRMAA Working Group Charter

The 'Distributed Resource Management Application API (DRMAA)' working group develops and maintains a set of API specifications for tightly coupled and portable programmatic access to cluster, grid, and cloud systems.
The DRMAA working group deliverables are intended to facilitate the development of portable application programs and high-level libraries such as SAGA or OGSA-BES.
DRM system vendors can provide a standardized access to their product through a DRMAA implementation. High-level API designers, meta-scheduler architects and end users can rely on such DRMAA implementations for a unified access to execution resources.
The scope of the API standardization is focused on job submission, job control, reservation management, and retrieval of job and machine monitoring information.

DRMAA Version 2 - The Current Version

The DRMAA Working Group finished the next major release of the DRMAA API. We would love to have your feedback and your support by implementing DRMAA for you favourite DRM system. If you need slides, take the ones from the OGF 34 presentation. For everything else, please check the Documents section of this page. For latest updates, please join the low-traffic DRMAA mailing list.

DRMAA Version 2 is currently available in Univa Grid Engine and as reference implementation.

DRMAA Version 1 - Deprecated, Deployed and Available

DRMAA Implementations

Information Sources

You can find all specifications in the documents section of this home page. Implementations of DRMAA are discussed on a separate page.
We collected a number of usage stories for DRMAA in science and industry.

Get Involved

The DRMAA working group invites your participation. Download and review the current version of the specification document and subscribe to the email alias.

The group welcomes any comments or questions. The DRMAA-WG email alias is
To post to this alias, you must be a member. Information about subscribing to this list can be found here. DRMAA email archives since 2004 are available from the OGF mailman archives. Prior to 30 August 2002, all DRMAA email was posted to the GGF scheduling area list.